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of silicon valley in washington. >> great to be with you. >> i can understand why the government is in a rush to sell things off. you at one point stuck your hand up in the air and said hold on a second. let's keep what? >> the unlicensed white spaces. we were writing a very large bill dealing with spectrum. and we were not in a rush because congress really reallocates spectrum maybe once in a decade. it is something that you can't go to nordstrum to buy, macy's. so it has to be the reallocation has to be done in a very prudent and wise manner. and there is licensed spectrum and and unlicensed spectrum. the first draft does not include unlicensed. that is a very important platform for innovation. i fought very hard to include unlicensed in the legislation and did so. >> not just garage door openers. >> wifi, blue tooth, cordless phones. there are thousands of applications and uses in the unlicensed area. >> that is kind of the amazing thing about the unlicensed part is you don't know what will come out of it. >> exactly. and whenever i come home every weekend i try to get out to especially th
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1